Environexus provide a range of retro-fit devices that allow for easy access and completion of daily tasks. Environexus systems considerably improve the ease of living for the disabled and elderly. With elements of your home being remotely controlled through voice recognition techology - blinds, shutters, lights, climate control and security are all able to be activated using Environexus technology.

Environexus make everyday devices intelligent and simple to use. By adding smart modular accessories to your homes fittings and fixtures, your devices will talk to one another through the nexus-network. Environexus can be installed for many of your homes devices including;

    • Lighting – All your lighting can be controlled with the touch of a button or even be connected to motion sensors.
    • Appliances – Your appliances can be controlled using Environexus Systems, ensuring your safety and comfort.
    • Door Locks – With Environexus Systems, you can be sure that your home is secure. With entries and exits sending you notification of activity as well as being able to allow temporary keyless entry for unique situations, Environexus efficient and reliable security to your door locks.
    • Curtains/Blinds – Maintain your desired climate within your home with programmable curtains and blinds that will respond to changes in the environment using Environexus Home Automation Systems.

Environexus systems assist the elderly and disabled by utilising technologies such as voice control and wireless sensors to allow for easy access of daily tasks. Environexus creates an eco-system that provides a holistic solution to aged care and assisted living by providing a central communication hub. The sharing of data and the ability to track and log sensor data allows all stakeholders to monitor and respond to any situation in a timely manner.

Environexus Home Automation Systems feature custom designed packages that are optimised for Android, iOS, wearables and PC.

For more information, please visit the Environexus website.