GB Electrical can install a C-Bus Control System to allow you the luxury and freedom of remotely controlling lighting and other electrical aspects of your living environment.

Why C-Bus Control Systems?

The primary reasons to use C-Bus are:

  • Highly robust and reliable control system, but low cost per node.
  • Wide range of tools available to allow 3rd party companies to interface to both PC based and embedded systems.
  • A single systems cable connection can control an unlimited number of devices.
  • Ultimate flexibility in switching and control – functions can be changed, added, removed, moved, reprogrammed, at any position on the network, at any time without any cumbersome hard-wiring.
  • The systems are simple to install and commission.
  • These systems can control any type of load, digital and analogue.

Talk to GB Home Automation today to find out more about installing a C-Bus System for your business or residential project.

C-Bus Point One Home Automation Systems